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Default Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn

Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn is the 10th in the entire series but 4th to be released outside of Japan (it hasn't been released outside of Japan yet but it will be soon).
It was recently released in Japan and every single playable character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance returns all of them are playable except Largo who is married to Calil and they have a daughter Amy (I think) who Largo is busy raising. Oh and Sigrun, Oliver, Sanaki, Leanne and the Black Knight are playable!

The game is split into four parts. In the first part it starts out with the Group of Dawn lead by Noyce a fighter. The main character is Micaiah who I will talk about later. In the first part of the game you can recruit new characters such Noyce the fighter, Eddie the Myrimdon, Leonardo the Archer, Laura the Cleric, Brad the Soldier (who may or may not be Tuaronteo's son) and many others. Returning characters include Sothe and the Black Knight.

The second part is pretty short and is about Elincia who is now queen of Crimea, she's like doing some rebellion thingy mabob but then they stop her by blackmailing her by taking Lucia hostage and threatning to kill her but luckily the Greil Mercenaries are there to save the day!

The third part is about the Greil mercenaries doing stuff here. On your second playthrough onward in this third part you can recruit Ashnard's son Pelleas who is a branded and the only dark magic user you can get in the whole game.

The fourth part is the groups fighting against Ashera the light goddess not the dark goddess. Ashera is actually the evil one, not the dark "god" so yeah we gotta kill her. In the fourth part you get some Laguz kings I'm not sure if you can get more than one or just the single one but yeah.

Now you can promote 3 times but most characters come in their second tier class which is pretty lame. Only 20 people can promote a second time with the use of a Master Crown however Mist uses a special Holy Crown to promote, Elincia is fully promoted so is Sanaki and Ike, Micaiah and Sothe all have event triggered 3rd tier promotions.

If you have a gamecube memory card plugged in with FE9 data saved on it, it can increase the stats of the returning characters, not by much but It does help a lot, with this you can get Sothe to max everything, freaky deaky.

There are four new bows which have a range of 1-2 and instead of having an actual strength they use your might instead, they are pretty cool and make Snipers a not crap class.

Laguz can now attack in untransformed state with something called strikes so they make Laguz even cooler.

Micaiah is the overall main lord of the game and she is a branded. She is also the vessel for the Dark god even though she uses Light Magic (that is why she has a dark affinity). The little bird she hangs around with is the dark god or something but in cute little birdy form. She is Sothe's bigger sister but not by blood. She can promote to the class Shaman but it's different than the GBA FE's Shaman class I think it uses Light, Dark and Staves, but I'm not 100% sure.

Sothe contrary to popular belief is not a lord but rather he is a Jeigan. His class is Rogue and he promotes to Espion which is like Assassin but with a cooler name. So he won't be completly useless in this one like he was in Path of Radiance.

Canon pairings are Largo/Calil who get married and adopt a daughter, I think they adopt because noone wants Largo to pass on his stupid genes. The other canon pairing is Makalov/Astrid, it seems game soceity doesn't want Astrid to marry a commoner and it seems players don't want Makalov to live but unfortunallty they are together and Astrid looks really manly.

Zelgius is the Black Knight and he is also Ike's brother and they are the sons of the former king of Dain meaning that Gawain/Greil is only Ike's adoptive father which is very odd because Ike now looks a lot like Greil.

I've probably missed a lot and none of you probably play Fire Emblem so I've probably wasted my time making this topic.
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Its really appreciative work and I hope you will keep it up as well
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