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Default This is a joke

I got this link off

Giga Flop?

This guy is a joke. He has no idea what's he's talking about.

Originally Posted by Moldytoaster
Nintendo is a Japanese company...and they try to use words to trick you... like, Giga flop.
News Flash: Sony is also a Japanese company.

DS is $300
DS wastes battery. PSP is much better for battery life
Originally Posted by IGN
As many who have been keeping up with IGN's Battery Journal have seen, the PlayStation Portable's general use weighs in typically somewhere between the estimations Sony offered at TGS 2004 of around 4-6 hours of playtime (cut down from the E3 estimation of a maximum of 10 hours.)
Originally Posted by DS User
I get about 6-8 hours of Mario 64 DS and I seem to get about 5-7 with Tiger Woods Golf.

I could go on. I haven't looked much into this video, so it could be a prank, but this guy still pisses me off.

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